Tracy’s attacker returns to the street

As Tracy’s attacker is released on bail word of the confession has spread, and as Claire faces the residents Deirdre flies at her. The shouting alerts others, but Deirdre’s gutted when instead of condemning Tracy’s attacker they defend Claire. At the hospital Tracy is forced to change her statement after blaming the wrong person.

Peter‘s determined to do things for himself, but back at the flat he feels useless and isolated. Heading down to the bookies he finds Nick and Leanne, but when Leanne insists he’s not ready to work a row ensues, as Peter vents his frustrations on Leanne. Both are clearly annoyed and Peter insists she should do them both a favour and leave. As he storms out it’s left to Nick to comfort Leanne, while back in the flat Peter falls out of his wheelchair. Humiliated, he breaks down, and wonders whether Leanne will come back.

John heads back to Joy’s to remove any incriminating evidence. But as he peers inside he’s caught by a neighbour who’s checking on Joy as he hasn’t seen her for a while. This time John might not be able to talk himself out of trouble.

Also, Chris plans another date with an excited Maria.

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