Tracy’s back!

As the residents gather for the memorial carol service and the reverend talks of hope it’s an emotional moment for many. The memory of all that has happened comes flooding back. But as the snow falls and the carols are sung a taxi pulls onto Coronation Street and out steps a pair of killer heels. The singers fall silent as they gasp at the sight of Tracy Barlow!

Relations are strained between Steve and Becky and it’s clear the McDonalds marriage is on the rocks. As Steve looks at taking a loan against the pub to cover their huge debts, he wonders whether their marriage can survive.

Prayers are said at the hospital as one family try to remain optimistic. The hospital chaplain performs a blessing on their very poorly child.

Also, the crash investigator has news for Nick. He tells him whether anyone will be held responsible for the gas leak that caused the explosion.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tracy stuns the residents by announcing she’s been released. Back at home she reveals that the forensics expert from her trial has been discredited, throwing all his cases into doubt. She has appealed and is out on bail, pending a retrial. Desperate to see Amy, she makes her first move in the battle to see her. She heads to the pub, but when the McDonalds refuse to wake her she trades insults with Becky. Hearing the row, Amy appears at the door where Tracy envelops her in a hug. As she tells Steve and Becky that she wants to spend Christmas with Amy another row brews and the McDonalds are put under more pressure.

There’s a ceasefire in one household as a broken family comes together to celebrate Christmas. But when another bombshell is dropped it’s clear that they won’t be able to keep things together.

Those on their own seek some festive spirit in the Rovers, as losers-in-love drown their sorrows.

Also, Gary flies off the handle at the mention of Quinny’s parents; he’s obviously hiding something.

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