Deirdre steels herself to see Tracy for the first time since the trial and she worries how Tracy will react to her after everything that has been said. Tracy makes it clear exactly how she feels about her mum and Deirdre is forced to bid her daughter a tearful goodbye as Tracy leaves her life in Weatherfield behind.

Hayley has a restless night thinking about Joanne’s predicament and she’s sure she knows who betrayed her. Meanwhile, Paul is determined to find out who tipped off immigration about illegal workers at the factory and he’s surprised when a guilty Janice decides to confess. Paul is furious.

Bill decides to embark on a new business venture and tells a pleased Jason that he’s considering buying the builders’ yard. Bill approaches Kevin to invest and Kevin expresses an interest. But Sally puts an end to the idea as soon as she finds out and Bill is forced to ask Audrey to consider investing.

Also, Peter decides to return to Portsmouth and he asks Adam if he’d like to go with him. Adam decides to cut his losses in the Street and uncle and nephew leave.