Tracy’s rage stuns Deirdre

Deirdre plays detective and snoops for background information on Tracy’s case. She speaks to Gail first, who informs her David isn’t suffering at all about the murder he supposedly witnessed. This totally contradicts Tracy’s claims about why she’s been comforting him. Steve then reveals that Charlie wanted to boot Tracy out of the house, which has Deirdre wondering why on earth he would attack her for trying to leave him.

She confronts Tracy with her findings, but the force of her daughter’s reaction leaves her reeling. Tracy berates her mother for snooping and accuses her of not trusting her.

Paul returns and although Carla is relieved, she’s furious he kept the car crash a secret from her. He opens up to her and admits he’s carried the burden of guilt and shame for years. Carla comforts him and the pair vow to always be honest with each other in future.

Ashley is uneasy when Claire meets Casey, the woman she’s been helping over the phone, but keeps quiet when he sees how happy it makes Claire. And Maria enjoys a drink with Peter.