When Steve receives a letter from the tax office saying that as a result of the audit Streetcars has been charged back-tax he admits the business could be in jeopardy. Becky sets up a meeting with a hotel manager about a possible account. Steve assumes he’ll go to the dinner, but Becky counters this is her deal. She’s doing a great job, but refusing to let it go Steve heads down there, instructing Karl not to tell Tracy. But Tracy forces the truth about Steve’s whereabouts out of Karl, and demands he take her to the hotel.

As Carla and Peter struggle to find time alone they agree to try and meet later. Carla then heads off to see her solicitor about the trial. Frank is alleging she was unfaithful while she was with him and the solicitor advises that if there’s anything he can use to taint her character she needs to speak up now, but Carla keeps quiet.

Owen goes to check on his pond he’s stunned to see it’s been refilled. Watching David and Kylie feign shock, Owen vows to make them pay, much to Faye’s amusement.

Also, Jason’s shocked to hear that Eileen‘s invited Paul and Lesley for Christmas dinner and insists he’ll be going to the Websters.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

As Becky and Steve work well together to reel Danny in they eventually get him to agree to the contract. On a high Becky jokily suggests they book a room to celebrate. The sexual tension between them has been reawakened, but mindful of his unborn children Steve resists and they return to the street. Meanwhile, a paranoid Tracy has arrived at the hotel, she can’t get anything out of the receptionist and fearing the worst she runs for the lifts. As she frantically scours the rooms security are called, who order her to leave. But Tracy’s suddenly overtaken by an immense pain and begs them to call an ambulance. Calling Deirdre, Tracy’s rushed to hospital.

As Carla meets Peter at the flat she tells him what her solicitor said. Both know they now need to keep their affair secret and can’t put a foot wrong, but as they kiss they’re interrupted by Michelle arriving home.

When Eileen invites Paul and Lesley for a drink in the Rovers Jason voices his disapproval. He can see his mum is falling for Paul and knows people are talking.

Also, Gary struggles to hide his jealousy when Izzy brings Will to Anna’s; Owen plots to wipe the smug smile off David’s face.