*First episode, 7.30pm*

The Barlow family wake up on the first day of Tracy’s trial for the murder of Charlie and a terrified Deirdre confides Tracy’s revelations to Ken while Tracy seeks comfort with Steve. A furious Ken can’t believe that Tracy has put Deirdre in such an appalling situation and confronts his stepdaughter, but she’s unrepentant. Deirdre worries what she’s going to say in court, while a curious Blanche realises that something is up and is determined to find out more.

Liam continues to fish for a date with Leanne and asks her out for a drink, but although Leanne is tempted, she refuses to take the bait. Leanne is determined to concentrate on the impending sale of No 7, but she doesn’t realise that a wily Liam has gazumped her on the sale and is about to become Jamie’s new landlord!

Jerry concentrates on getting his brood – and granddad – settled into their new home, but it’s clear that there’s something up with Kayleigh. The young girl is reluctant to go to school and she tells a worried Jerry that she misses her mum Teresa and her little brother Finlay and she wants to move back in with them. Jerry is stumped.

Also, Norris cooks for Emily when she has a difficult day; Molly teases Dev about Tracy.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

The trial begins and Jason is the first witness to take the stand for the Prosecution. Jason claims that Charlie was keen to leave Tracy as he was fed up with her mind games. Maria is up next for the Prosecution and reveals that Tracy once violently attacked her. But the Defence team hit back and question Maria about the time she found Charlie trying to drown David in the bath. When the forensic expert takes the stand, things start looking bad for Tracy as it’s revealed that Charlie had no injuries indicating a struggle, and there was no blood on the murder weapon from Tracy’s injured hand.

Back at the Barlows, Deirdre nervously waits for the day’s conclusion as she’s not allowed in court until her turn on the stand. As the hours tick by, Deirdre begins to increasingly wonder whether she can lie for Tracy, and when Peter and Adam return with news of the damning forensic report, her unease is doubled.

Jerry has a good think about Kayleigh’s plea to go back to her mum’s and he realises that he can’t stop her, even though he has worries about Teresa’s commitment to bringing up her kids. Jerry talks to Jodie and tries to convince himself that girls need their mums but he feels uneasy about the situation. Kayleigh is delighted when Jerry agrees to let her go.

Also, Leanne is furious when she finds out that Liam gazumped her.