Tracy’s verdict is delivered!

*First episode*

Tracy waits for the outcome of the trial, but she still has to make her peace with Steve. Deirdre has told Steve that Tracy intends to leave Weatherfield with Amy if she manages to avoid jail. Steve begs Tracy to reconsider as he doesn’t want to lose his daughter, but Tracy won’t be budged. Tracy returns to court to hear the closing speeches and the jury retire to reach a verdict. Tracy walks nervously back to the stand to discover her fate…

Leanne and Liam continue to bicker over the sale of No 7 and Leanne is still bitter that Liam gazumped her. But Leanne makes out that she’s unconcerned and she tells Liam that she had a full survey done on the house and it came back full of problems, so she didn’t want it anyway! Liam is niggled by Leanne’s comments but refuses to be downhearted as he looks forward to finally moving in.

Also, Janice is being pig-headed about the new Polish girls working on the day shift and she makes it clear she won’t accept them. But her constant sniping at the girls gets everyone down and she’s put out when everyone tells her to leave the girls alone.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Back in the court, Tracy waits as the foreman of the jury prepares to deliver the verdict. Tracy and the court are stunned when it’s delivered.

Leanne’s comments that there are major problems with No 7 are starting to worry Liam and he decides to buy Leanne’s survey off her. Leanne agrees to let him have the survey for a hefty price and he’s furious when he realises that he’s been duped – Leanne’s survey is exactly the same as his!