Tragedy as the bush drama returns

As the much-loved bush-based drama returns for a welcome series, Danny makes contact with his estranged father (played by Warren Clarke) in London. Can Alice’s intervention help the pair rebuild their relationship? Back in South Africa, meanwhile, a mystery virus spells disaster for the lions of Leopard’s Den.

No one would expect Danny and Alice’s honeymoon to be of the traditional variety, and so it proves. Their romantic trip to London ends on a sour note when Danny grudgingly arranges to meet his estranged father, Robert, who has recently got in touch after a 20-year absence from his son’s life.

Saddened at the hostilities between the pair, Alice takes it upon herself to invite Robert back to Africa – a move that initially seems to backfire, as Danny obviously doesn’t want his father around. However, his thoughts are soon occupied by a more immediate problem: the Leopard’s Den lions have fallen victim to a mystery virus which is wiping out the pride. Despite Danny’s desperate efforts, he is unable to save them. Will this tragedy give him a new perspective on his relationship with his dad?

Meanwhile, the troubled vet has also discovered that his stepdaughter, Olivia, has secretly been seeing her ex-boyfriend Thabo, who will have to go back to prison if he can’t find a job. What will Danny’s next move be?

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