After choosing to have her mother, Adrienne, treated on the NHS rather than go private, Serena Campbell brings her back to Holby this week for a bowel operation – but events take a tragic turn.

Adrienne’s been on a waiting list for two weeks now, and Serena is eager for her mum to be seen as soon as possible. So she’s put out when Ric reveals Adrienne’s surgery will be delayed further to make way for Dawn, a patient with bowel cancer.

Adrienne eventually has her surgery and, as she recovers, overworked nurse Chantelle is instructed to do her hourly observations. But as she goes to check on Adrienne, she’s called away when Dawn deteriorates. While left unattended for two hours, Adrienne suffers a serious stroke.

Angry, Serena tells Ric she wants to make an official complaint about her mother’s treatment. Will Serena regret putting faith in the NHS?

Meanwhile, Gemma wants to prove that she is ready to be back at work, but with the events of last week ever in her mind, will she be able to get through the day?

And, in a bad mood, Mo turns to Jonny to cheer her up. But when he lets her down, she finds herself a new friend in Sacha.