Tragedy strikes at Matthew’s wedding

*One-hour episode*

Matthew and Anna prepare for their wedding, but the bailiffs turn up at Home Farm in the middle of the preparations and cause chaos. Meanwhile, Carl discovers that De Souza own Polek and in a fury he bursts into the middle of the wedding ceremony.

Carl accuses Matthew of betraying him and Jimmy to be with Anna and he punches a stunned Matthew. Carl angrily spits out the truth about Donald’s death and Anna is horrified. Matthew flies at Carl and they end up in a vicious punch-up…

Jo is grateful when Lee offers to go to the suppliers for her while she struggles to keep up with the work at the farm. Lee calls at the Woolpack to pick up some paperwork and is forced to give Andy a lift to the wholesalers. When Lee pulls over for a toilet stop Andy notices the order sheet and changes the amount. Jo is furious when an oblivious Lee brings home seven times more stock than Jo needs and won’t believe his claim that he was sabotaged.

Also, Victoria is forced to take the rap for Aaron’s shoplifting.

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