When Diego makes Grace think that Trevor must be seeing another woman, she decides to kill her love rival, whoever they may be. Meanwhile, Sienna’s horrified when she finds out what Nico’s done to Theresa and calls an ambulance. Nico’s furious when she overhears her mum on the phone to Trevor saying she needs help with Nico. Trevor listens to Sienna’s voicemail and rushes to help her but, when he arrives on the jetty, Grace is standing over Sienna’s lifeless body… However, it seems Nico is the one to blame after stabbing her mum with a glass bottle!

Tom and Peri are enjoying their time alone together playing video games and eating junk food. When Tom mentions baby Steph, he’s surprised when Peri admits she thinks about her all the time. Tom shows Peri pictures and videos of their baby and they kiss. Meanwhile, when Tegan accidentally tells Cameron that Peri is alone with Tom, Cameron storms round to the Lomaxes to find Peri and Tom kissing!

Also, Myra and Diego are looking after Curtis when Diego suggests they should have their own baby one day. What will Myra think of the idea?