Tragedy strikes Sean! (VIDEO)

*Episode one*

One tragedy follows another and both hit Sean… The lad’s dog, Meg, has gone missing and Sean finds her dead. What happened to Meg isn’t clear, but Sean immediately blames Megan… She forced his family out of their home because of Meg, Sandy had to look after her and she ran away. Meg would never have run away if she were with Sean. Grief stricken, Sean breaks into Brook Cottage and is smashing up the place when Megan walks in. Sean lashes out with a curtain pole and is electrocuted when he hits a light fitting. With Sean lying unconscious at her feet, Megan panics…

Charity’s unsettled when she hears Cain has moved into Moira’s home and left Debbie on her own. Cain’s disgusted by his daughter’s behaviour and doesn’t trust himself to be around her. Bitter and vengeful, Debbie tells Cain if he won’t see her he won’t see his grandchildren, either. But now Debbie needs an ally and finds one in Robbie. Muppet!

Kerry’s apologies don’t work with anyone any more. Finally, everyone sees her for the woefully inadequate mother she really is and always has been… All out of friends and lacking a lover, Kerry nicks some money from Andy and heads for Lanzarote – hopefully with a one-way ticket.