Spooks newcomer, Beth Bailey, was thrown in at the deep on her first operation with Section D when she went undercover as a trader to protect Robert Westhouse, an influential oil-baron, who seemed to be the target of an assassination attempt.

A secret meeting of Britain’s top oil dealers was set up, but before Beth even arrived they were attacked in a machine gun massacre, which only she and a man named Jacob Chapman survived.

Section D set out to uncover more about the culprit of the attack with Ruth shocked to discover a link between one of her colleagues and the masked gunman.

Elsewhere, through covert surveillance, Harry and Lucas discovered Westhouse had arranged to take possession of a deadly ex-Soviet nerve agent and was planning an attack with it. The pair raced against time to halt the threat before it caused irreversible damage.

Meanwhile, Lucas was reacquainted with an old flame, Maya (Laila Rouass) who he hadn’t seen for 15 years.