Julia phones Jimmi’s father and sister but they haven’t heard from him. Karen calls Rob in and he advises Julia that sometimes people just want to get away but that he’ll help them. Later another idea hits Julia, she tells Rob Eva isn’t dead and asks him to check if Jimmi’s with her.

Drugged up Jimmi struggles to reach for his phone but falls out of bed in the process. Sissy helps him back up and plays with her dolls asking Jimmi to join in. When Jimmi pulls away from Sissy who tries to kiss him, she drags him to the floor and ties him to the radiator.

Later, Jimmi manages to call Julia but as she answers Sissy notices what he is doing and throws the phone across the room. Furious at Jimmi, she shoves more pills down his throat.

Also, Michelle’s mum makes a surprise visit to The Mill after having tests at St Phil’s. Michelle is worried sick but Vera is more concerned about her friend Carla.

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