Chelsea comes to in the wreck of the car, covered in cuts and bruises. Deano is slumped against the window as smoke rises from the bonnet of the car. Minty manages to wrench open the door as the paramedics arrive and a seriously injured Deano is rushed to hospital. But Kevin is stunned when Shirley turns up to see her son.

Max is in shock when he finds out that Abi was nearly run over by Deano and he’s wracked with guilt when he realises that she made her way home alone as he forgot to pick her up. Abi is fine apart from a broken arm, but an upset Tanya refuses to listen to Max’s heartfelt apologies.

Stella is despondent as she looks at Phil’s photos of a glamorous Kathy. Meanwhile, Phil worries that Ben’s feeling unloved and he cancels his night out with Stella to be with his son. Stella feels abandoned and pulls away from a guilty Phil.

Elsewhere, a depressed Dawn books a termination.

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