Carol secretly decides to get a wig as her hair is falling out from her cancer treatment. A bickering Bianca and Sonia, arguing about Sonia’s kiss with Tina, put their differences aside when they find Carol with a wig specialist. The peace doesn’t last long, however, and they’re soon at it again, moving their argument into the Square. A distressed Carol tries to put a stop to the arguing and collapses.

David pressures Max for the truth, not believing Max’s claim he wasn’t involved with Lucy. When David threatens to go to the police, Max cracks, admitting they were sleeping together. David insists if Max doesn’t tell the police he will. David backtracks, however, and reluctantly agrees to keep Max’s secret. Max panics when he finds CCTV footage of him and Lucy at the car lot and deletes it.

Tina wants to make things up to Tosh for ditching her to comfort Sonia. Jake suggests teaching Tina to cook a nice meal for Tosh as a peace offering. At Jake and Aleks’ flat, they are interrupted by Tosh, who reveals she’s moving into Aleks’ spare room. Tina isn’t sure what to say when Tosh suggests they move in together.