It’s morning and Mrs Tembe is on the phone to her brother when there’s a knock at the door: It’s Trevor! Cameron’s sick and he needs her help. Mrs Tembe calls an ambulance and, as they head off to St Phil’s, she and Trevor are strangely united. When Dr Petra Formosa reveals that Cameron is suffering severe food poisoning, Mrs Tembe admits she gave him stew and Trevor instantly accuses Mrs Tembe of poisoning his son.

Mrs Tembe defends herself but, as the argument builds, Petra is forced to call the police and Rob arrives. Rob takes Mrs Tembe away and says that if Trevor persists with his claim then the police will have to investigate. Mrs Tembe wants to go back to St Phil’s, but Rob insists that she wait in reception.

Cameron believes that old jam is the cause of his problems and tests reveal he might be right. When she learns Cameron will be OK, Mrs Tembe returns home only to find another British Pride leaflet and some graffiti that she missed when cleaning her wall. She calls her brother and tells him she’s coming home.

Freya plucks up the courage to tell Zara about the mistake she made with Marcus Tidwell. Zara convinces Marcus not to take the issue further, however her work is not yet done as Freya reveals that Kevin knows. To Freya’s surprise, Kevin reveals that he won’t tell Daniel – he just wants a good, clean fight.