Trevor discovers Tony betrayed him

An angry Trevor tells Grace he wants to be sure Tony is the grass before killing him. He feeds Tony some fake information about a meeting with his boss and listens as he relays them to Sam. Trevor sees Tony in the village and offers him a lift but when they pull up at a deserted wasteland, Tony knows why he’s been taken there…

On Grace’s advice, Ruby plans revenge on their ex, and Ziggy is over the moon when he gets a job in a commercial. Meanwhile, Dodger receives an email from Texas and wonders who could be behind the message from beyond the grave.

Sienna panics when a faulty light in Tom’s basement triggers the security alarms at the mansion. She finds the fuse box to turn it off but Dodger, having received a call, is on his way. Sienna’s busted when he walks in on her and sees her fake baby bump strewn over a chair… Dodger flies out of the house and drives away before broken Sienna can stop him.

Also, Mercedes is secretly relieved when Cindy offers to go to Browning’s funeral with her.