Trevor finds Sinead

While Sinead collects the money from Norman, Ste is shocked when he goes to see his mum and notes how fragile she looks. Sinead returns to the flat, furious at Ste for his no-show. She’s terrified when Trevor turns up and knows everything. Sinead is in pain after his visit and tries to cover her bruises.

DS Trent is worried about Sinead and goes to arrest Trevor. However, Trevor gets away with it and gloats when he’s released. Ste helps his mum move out of his childhood home and into the council flat. Sinead is frantic when DS Trent tells her about Trevor’s release. He promises to protect her and they kiss.

Vincent is overwhelmed when Phoebe presents him with the papers he needs to visit his friend. However, just as he’s about to leave, a parcel arrives containing a letter from Akin. He’s devastated to read that Akin has already been deported – he’s too late.

Back at the flat, Ste spots one of his mum’s boxes on the table and opens it. He’s furious to find cards and letters from his dad, who he’d always thought wanted nothing to do with him.