Trevor ignites Grace’s jealousy

Grace is jealous of the lengths Trevor is willing to go to with Mercedes to get her money and when Fraser gives Trevor the go-ahead to scam Mercedes, Grace is heart-broken. She watches Trevor and Mercedes jealously in The Dog and throws wine at the McQueen. She storms into The Loft, followed by a confused Trevor. He questions why she did that, forcing her to reveal she loves him. It looks like Trevor is about to reject her but he can’t help himself and kisses Grace, before grabbing her and pinning her up against the wall. After having sex, Grace and Trevor decide if they want to be together they need to get far away from Fraser. They go and pack, unaware Fraser has seen CCTV footage of their liaison and bubbles with rage at Trevor’s betrayal.

Carmel is left distraught after discovering Browning’s dark secret. She storms down the courthouse corridors and bursts in on one of Jim’s hearings to confront him with the evidence. She returns to the village and hysterically lashes out at Theresa, before collapsing into Jim’s arms. Just what was in the letter that has left her broken hearted?

Darren is thrown when his decree nisi arrives right in the middle of preparations for his and Sienna’s joint engagement party with Patrick and Maxine. And with Tom still missing, Darren wonders if he’s doing the right thing.

Elsewhere, Tilly struggles to hide her jealousy and is frustrated when Chloe stages a successful protest for Vincent. Esther and George are in awe of Chloe, while Tilly feels pushed out.