Trevor plans Jim’s downfall

Jim returns to the club and asks to see Fraser. He tells Trevor and Fraser that if they hurt him or Carmel, he’ll make sure they are sent down for life, knowing all the crimes they’ve committed…

The gangsters come up with a plan and Trevor reassures his boss that by the end of the day the club will have burnt down and Jim will be in the frame. However, they still need someone to light the fire and when Freddie offers to do anything so Sinead doesn’t have to prostitute herself anymore, Trevor knows who his arsonist is going to be.

Patrick tells them about Browning’s old flat, which is up for rent. Darren and Patrick seem to reach an understanding, but will Darren live to regret taking Sienna away from her father?

Reeling from yesterday’s news and still coming to terms with his recent grief, is Joe nearing breaking point?