Nico visits mum Sienna in hospital, avoiding Ben and the police and is filled with guilt. Meanwhile, the police question Trevor, who worries that forensics will find his DNA on Sienna’s body because of their fling. Sienna wakes up and tells DS Thorpe she can’t remember anything. Thinking this is true, Nico’s relieved, unaware Sienna’s hiding her terror. Elsewhere, Grace calls Trevor’s bluff and packs his bags. He agrees that it would be best for him to leave, but it seems it’s not what Grace really wants.

Meanwhile, Theresa’s awake in hospital but can’t work out how she got so drunk from half a bottle of wine. Knowing the wine belonged to Sienna, she’s suspicious that whoever attacked Sienna also spiked the wine… Back at home, Theresa and John Paul are stunned by the news that Diego and Myra are thinking of having a baby. They’re fed up that their lives are at a standstill and Theresa decides to do something about it.

Also, Cameron’s still angry about Tom and Peri, and Ste has to tear Cameron away from Tom when he forces him up against the wall, threatening him to leave Peri alone. Later, Leela and Ste stand up to a furious Cameron.