Trey apologises to Nicole

The town is reeling from the sex tape. Nicole’s friends rally around her but she can’t show her face at school. Palmer asks Bartlett if Trey can apologise in front of the entire school. Nicole agrees with Palmer’s offer but Trey decides to go around to Nicole’s place to apologise on his own.

Geoff apologises to Claudia for being so grumpy the past few days. Claudia is becoming jealous about Geoff’s relationship with Nicole, so she meets Lachie and tells him about the baby. Lachie suspects the baby is his and they argue, seen by Geoff.

Geoff confronts Claudia who says Lachie is jealous and she only has eyes for Geoff. Lachie comes around to see Claudia but she is out and Geoff tells him to stay away. Later, Geoff is reeling when Lachie claims the baby is his.

Charlie is aware she is becoming jealous of May and Angelo’s relationship. She starts being snappy towards Angelo and in a talk with May accidentally lets slip that Angelo killed Jack. Angelo has a go at Charlie then goes to see May to give his side of the story. May is supportive and Charlie realises that she may have driven Angelo into May’s arms for good.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday July 16*

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