Trey makes a move on Kirsty

Kirsty continues tutoring Trey, but Trey thinks she’s flirting with him. He jokes with his mates that Kirsty can’t get enough of him, and Miles overhears and warns Trey never to talk about Kirsty like that. Miles tells Kirsty what Trey’s been saying but Kirsty insists Miles is misreading the situation. When Trey makes a pass at her, she is shocked.

When Martha finds it difficult catering to Brendan’s needs, Hugo reminds Xavier that Brendan is their responsibility. Martha’s concerned that if Xavier focuses on Brendan he’ll get behind at school so Hugo assures her that he’ll help out. Ruby is still confused over why Xavier is pushing her away. He’s worried about her meeting Brendan but when Jai meets Brendan and it goes well, Xavier introduces him to Ruby, who is moved by how compassionate Xavier is with his brother.

Ruby senses that Charlie could be giving mixed signals to Joey about their growing relationship. Charlie’s battle with Robbo continues as she warns him off hassling Joey any further. Robbo wants Joey to drop the restraining order. Meanwhile, Charlie becomes confused about her friendship with Joey when she finds herself jealous over Joey’s friendly conversation with Hugo, confusing it with flirtation.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday April 10*

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