Trick or treat for Cain and Moira?

It’s a treat for Cain when Moira gives him baby advice. Cain’s fretting over baby Jack – there’s so much going on and Debbie’s struggling. Moira’s understanding when she hears Cain voicing his concerns and offers some tips. Cain actually says ‘thank you’, too! You don’t hear those words passing his lips very often. So, what’s occurring? These two have been close before, after Cain seduced the farmer’s wife when the farmer (John) was still alive. Are they getting ready for round two? Adam wouldn’t like to hear that! He nearly killed Cain once and he might just be tempted to have another go!

It should be a treat for Jimmy when Scarlett returns to Emmerdale, but it’s not. He loves his little sister, but he’s struggling with what his younger brother did. Jimmy knows Carl was responsible for their father’s death and, knowing that, he doesn’t feel he can go to his funeral. Scarlett and Nicola are shocked – and Nicola’s worried for the future of her family.

Will it be a treat for Lisa and Zak when Lizzie moves in with them? She needs to move out of Marlon’s house because there’s no room for her blossoming romance with Dan in a house filled with Marlon, Laurel and the kids. Lizzie thinks she’ll stay with Dan and Bob but finds herself at Lisa’s.