Trina has a terrible accident

Lucas leaves a message on Trina’s phone saying he needs to talk about what happened between them. Trina turns up at the house and Lucas tells Trina that the night before was a mistake. Lucas panics when Trina threatens to reveal all to Denise. Lucas meets up with Trina in Charlie’s summerhouse and they argue and Lucas snatches the bracelet that Jordan bought for her. Lucas pushes Trina when she tries to kiss him and she falls onto a rake, which pierces her neck. Lucas leaves the shed as Trina begs for help…

Masood is beside himself with worry about Zainab as she’s refused to reveal where she’s gone. Zainab is at Amira’s house and driving Amira up the wall with her constant tidying. Amira confesses to Syed that Zainab is staying with her and Syed begs Zainab to come home. Zainab apologises to Masood and reveals that she’s decided to keep the baby.

Mo is determined to expose Orlenda as a conwoman and she spies on Orlenda in the market. Orlenda catches Mo tailing her and asks if she’s spying on her but Mo walks off in a huff. Mo goes through Orlenda’s things and Orlenda sees her. Charlie confronts Mo and is furious. Later, Mo sees Orlenda hugging a mystery man.

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