Trina seduces Lucas

Lucas secretly meets up with Trina, who reveals that she’s sleeping rough in and allotment shed and she asks him for cash but he turns her down. Later, Trina causes a commotion at Lucas’s church meeting and he gives her money to get rid of her. A rattled Lucas returns home and passionately kisses Denise, but she reminds him about his no sex rule. Lucas is alone in the house when Trina arrives and wheedles her way in to have a shower. A naked Trina drops her towel and moves in for a kiss…

Zainab tells Masood that he betrayed her by using their sons to try to talk her into keeping the baby. Zainab overhears Masood and the boys talking about the baby and she’s furious when Masood tells Syed and Tamwar that Zainab will come round and she packs a bag and secretly leaves the house…

Mo is suspicious of Charlie’s new girlfriend Orlenda, especially when she sees Charlie handing her money in the pub. Mo calls Orlenda an illegal immigrant and demands to see her passport. Charlie is furious with Mo and tells her that unless she accepts Orlenda she can get out of the house.

Also, Tiffany persuades Bianca to hold a party for Ricky’s return.

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