Trina vows revenge on Lucas

Jordan is thrilled when Trina turns up on his birthday and gives him a mobile. Jordan asks Trina to go to Notting Hill carnival with the family. Trina nips up to the bathroom to take some drugs and Lucas is furious. Trina loses it out and ends up smashing Jordan’s new phone before Lucas wrestles her out of the house. Trina viciously declares that he’ll never get his divorce and she’s going to make his life hell.

Masood makes another plea to Zainab to keep the baby but an upset Zainab insists that she’s had her time as a mother and won’t be forced to have a child she doesn’t want. Tamwar and Syed notice the tension between their parents and Masood blurts out that Zainab is pregnant.

Mo is missing Charlie and she gets drunk and collapses in a drunken stupor on the sofa then throws up. Mo sits in Charlie’s cab as Darren tries to sell it and Darren is horrified.

Darren manages to sell the cab despite Mo’s intervention, but before the deal is sealed there’s a voice saying that the cab’s not for sale – it’s Charlie – and he ‘s returned without Brenda but with a new Russian girlfriend called Orlenda!

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