Trixie’s feathers are ruffled when Jenny is promoted to Acting Sister by Sister Julienne, but their relationship is restored after Jenny faces a very difficult situation with one of her patients…

Doris is carrying a baby that does not belong to her husband. She knows he will find out, because the father is black, and has to accept that the only solution is for her baby to be adopted.

Cynthia is inspired when a lecture given by Dr Lantham on the art of natural childbirth seems a perfect solution for one of her patients, Nellie, who is extremely anxious about giving birth. He agrees to attend one of her sessions at the clinic and, using everything she has learnt, Cynthia helps Nellie to experience a wonderfully peaceful and calm birth.

Alec and his friends try to persuade Jenny to go on a CND march with them, but she declines for the sake of her patients, understanding that it’s OK for them to have different interests.