Troll Trouble In Camelot!

Have you noticed that the night of this episode is the night of All Hallow’s Eve, when ghosties, ghoulies and trolls come out and make mischief? Camelot has a troll in its midst but King Uther hasn’t noticed. Uther has been blinded by love and can’t see that Catrina (Mistresses star Sarah Parish), the woman he has made Camelot’s First Lady, is no lady at all… In fact, she’s the troll and she causes all sorts of trouble as this spellbinding two-part story concludes.

There is, of course, just one person who can save the kingdom from a frightful future under the reign of Catrina and that’s magical Merlin. Catrina didn’t get to her throne by being faint-hearted, though and she’s not about to let Merlin spoil her fiendish fun… Catrina accuses Merlin of stealing (as if!) and he has to make himself scarce. That makes his task of exposing the real Catrina even more difficult. Just what Catrina wanted.

But even if Uther sees his new bride for what she really is (and it certainly isn’t the beauty he married!), will Merlin be able to make his magic work better than the troll’s? Quite simply, he has to, or life in Camelot – for Uther, Arthur and everyone else – will never be the same again.