This jolly animated musical adventure, inspired by those ugly-cute toy dolls with the vertical hair, follows the adventures of Troll princess Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick) and grumpy loner Branch (Justin Timberlake).

Branch doesn’t go in for his irrepressibly perky fellow Trolls’ non-stop singing, dancing and hugging.

Nevertheless, when crisis strikes and a bunch of Poppy’s friends are snatched by the ogre-like, Troll-eating Bergens, the pair set off together to rescue them.

Listen out for the voices of Russell Brand, James Corden and John Cleese amid the pop songs and poop jokes.

Grown-ups with an aversion for auto-tuned bubblegum pop and eye-popping day-glo pink may want to steer well clear, but the film’s zingy energy will hit the spot for younger viewers.