Adam blames himself for Jordan’s mistake, which resulted in the death of a patient, unaware his superior is covering for his ex-lover Zoe. Meanwhile things remain rocky between him and Jessica following her refusal of his proposal last week.

Henry announces Jordan’s been suspended and asks Adam to take over as clinical lead, but he turns it down. In the meantime, Jordan resigns his position.

Ruth is sent out to a car accident with Jay and, after she performs a difficult amputation, the pair become close again.

Zoe decides to come clean but before she gets a chance, Adam figures out Jordan’s protecting her and threatens to blow the whistle. Jordan, however, beats him to the chase. He publicly announces he’s got a brain tumour and it caused him to make the fatal error…

Adam realises no good will come of informing on Zoe and decides to let the matter go and accept the job as Clinical Lead.

Polly learns her Hepatitis C result is negative and enjoys Curtis and Alice’s stag and hen party.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Curtis. On his way to the do he receives a message from Big Mac. The hospital porter’s flat has been vandalised by the Farmead gang. Curtis then learns from DI Moreland Tony’s been released. Fearing for Alice’s safety, he rushes back to Mac’s flat, takes his gun and heads out to track down Tony…