Having ditched Ross after learning he’s fathered Charity’s child, Debbie’s struggling to keep it together. Her plan to run off with him has been trashed and Debbie has decided she’s going to go ahead and marry Pete as planned. But will bitter Ross let her?

At Pete’s stag do in The Woolie, Ross turns up, quietly seething. As far as he’s concerned, his big brother has stolen his woman and he’s livid. Soon, the Bartons are arguing and Ross snaps, announcing to all and sundry he’s the father of Charity’s baby!

Later, Debbie comes clean to Cain about her affair with Ross, sharing her worries that Ross is going to ruin her wedding tomorrow. As she begs him for help, Cain agrees to do anything he can to protect her.

Meanwhile, at the church, it looks like Debbie’s worst fears may well come true as Ross loads up the sound system with a recording of Debbie talking about their affair. The stage is set.

Having tampered with Lawrence’s medication hoping that his hated step dad Robert will get the blame, Lachlan calls the police when Chrissie brings home her dad, who’s confused and dizzy…