Trouble brews for Sasha

Sid grounds Sasha, which she’s quite pleased about, as it means she can avoid Stu. However, Stu turns up and helps Sid with his vegetable patch. Sasha watches on tensely as Sid and Stu bond, aware that Stu is being manipulative. Later, when Sasha tries to slip away, using her homework as an excuse, he gets aggressive so she agrees to going on a date. It doesn’t last long, however, as Sasha pretends to be ill. She then actually does become ill, and a passing Xavier sees her and takes her to hospital.

Sid takes some advice from Irene and asks her doctor on a date. Later that evening, Roo is upset to find Sid on the date with the much younger woman. Sid, however, isn’t having a good time and is relieved when Irene interrupts proceedings to inform him that Roo still has feelings for him.

Mink asks Romeo for a loan, but Indi says they can’t afford it – even for family. Mink moans to Romeo, convinced Indi is controlling him. Later, Mink accuses Indi of being spoilt, which does nothing to build bridges between them. Romeo, caught between a rock and a hard place, secretly gives Mink the money, but begs her to keep schtum.