Trouble continues for the Kennedys

The Kennedys face the disturbing prospect that the break-in to Karl and Susan’s house was linked to the surrogacy controversy. Susan doesn’t want to believe it, but Karl is convinced and has a go at Paul, blaming him for the threat to his family. Libby is frightened the threat may extend to her and convinces Dan and Toadie to ramp up the security at Number Thirty.

Paul tries to capitalise on the latest developments and tries to persuade Susan to write her side of the story. Susan refuses and Paul stokes the flame of controversy when he goes ahead and publishes a follow up article anyway. Libby falters under the pressure bearing down on her family, but Susan rises above personal fear and helps stiffen her resolve – until Paul uncovers some crushing news.

Zeke’s decision to move into Steph’s is derailed by the apparent threat to Susan. How can Zeke move out of home when his family needs him? But if he stays, Sunny has no alternative: she’ll have to leave Erinsborough. Zeke’s forced to make a choice – look after his family or get the girl.

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