Trouble in paradise for Romeo and Indi

Indi berates Romeo about their finances and is jealous of all his female surf students. She begins her internship and impresses Dennis with her ingenuity on her first day, by posing as a swimsuit model in his promo shoot. Romeo is angry and says Dennis is a creep taking advantage of her, and just as Indi returns fire a guest arrives… it’s Mink, Romeo’s sister!

Harvey asks Alf to give him a reference for the marina contract but Alf isn’t forthcoming. Harvey asks Dennis for a second chance at the contract but Dennis turns him down because of Harvey’s dodgy reputation. Harvey later gets wind from Colleen that Dennis has entertained John in the lead up to the resort development – offering gifts and dinners. Harvey blackmails John – either put in a good word for him to Dennis, or he’ll blab that John has a conflict of interest.

April is gutted after seeing Dex with Dallas. Dex tries to sneak away from Dallas and feels awful about his indiscretion. The following day, he arrives at the Diner to cheering, as everyone congratulates him on his ‘score’ with Dallas. April watches in horror before rushing out. Later, Dex apologises to April but she rejects him.