Mae is keen to go the country to escape her husband, but she is unimpressed to learn that he has leased their estate and later when she mocks Loxley after he is snubbed by Harry, she is shocked as he lashes out and hits her.

Rose, meanwhile, is certain that she has spotted Henri and she eventually finds him living in shabby surroundings and urges him to make amends with Harry, but Henri refuses to listen to her, while Harry is upset when he learns that Rose kept quiet about Henri’s return.

Back at the store there is much talk of war and some of the staff go to an illicit trade union meeting, which Gordon secretly attends, but a fight swiftly breaks out and he is caught in the middle.

Speculation grows that Harry will decamp to America, but he reassures his staff and decides to hold an Empire Celebration, while Kitty suggests a tango party would raise spirits. As the evening gets underway at Delphine’s, Frank becomes even more enamoured of Kitty as she takes to the floor, while Agnes and Victor grow closer until she tells him they have no future and a drunken Mr Grove admits to Mr Crabb that he is struggling to cope.