Trouble turns up on Tanya’s doorstep

Tanya withdraws some cash to help out her estranged sister Rainie, who is due in court and needs money for bail. Tanya goes round to Rainie’s but it’s soon clear that Rainie has done a runner. A worried Tanya returns home and she’s shocked when Rainie later turns up on the doorstep. She swears to Tanya that she’s off the drugs and booze and asks for a place to stay. Tanya agrees but she’s appalled when she finds Rainie about to take some heroin.

Jane is worried after taking a peek in Lucy’s diary and discovering that the diary is scrawled all over with ‘I hate dad’! Jane tries to talk to Lucy, who guesses that Jane has been snooping in her belongings and storms off. Jane shows the diary to Ian.

Ronnie and Roxy are desperate to get the Queen Victoria bust back from Ian’s and they’re delighted when chippie assistant Craig offers to help them out – he has hold of Ian’s backdoor keys! The girls sneak into the house but they’re forced to hide behind a dust sheet when they hear Ian and Jane coming back from a night out at Fargo’s.

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