Troubled Du Plessis proves his worth

Poor Du Plessis – everything seems to be against him this week as Thabo encroaches on his territory and he faces Danny’s wrath. But just as he’s wondering whether he has anything left to offer at Leopard’s Den, he’s presented with a challenge that enables him to shine. Meanwhile, Danny is tackling a professional challenge of his own.

Throwing himself into his work after his father’s death, Danny dedicates himself to landing the coveted role of State Vet. Unfortunately, his efforts end up alienating an old colleague. Du Plessis already feels undermined by Thabo’s budding involvement in the Lion Breeding Project, but insult is added to injury when he has a set-to with Danny.

The problems begin with the arrival of a young geologist, Jonas, who has come to map the local area. Danny believes that keeping Jonas happy could improve his job prospects but, convinced that this stranger is actually prospecting for gold or oil, Du Plessis is less than co-operative, even leaving Jonas stranded in the bush!

His state of mind grows bleaker still after he is indirectly responsible for a baboon biting Alice on the hand. However, with Danny away and Alice injured, the Leopard’s Den stalwart is soon given the chance to prove his worth.