Lorna isn’t too worried about her dizzy spells because she’s too preoccupied with moving house and thinking about Andrew, but while she has hardly a care in the world, her doctor is urgently trying to get in touch…

Bully boy Lewis Seddon causes a rumpus when he disrupts Donte and Chlo’s romantic night at home, steals the house keys and gives them to his drugged-up girlfriend, Maxine, so that she can ransack the place.

Back at the school, headmaster Jack and new investor Roger are still at loggerheads over the future of Waterloo Road and the City Academy. Roger’s son Brett makes things worse by smashing a model of the new Academy, but Andrew gets an insight into the youngster’s behaviour when Brett explains why he has such an edgy relationship with his powerful dad.

Brett has other problems on his plate in the form of flirty Davina. He’s still trying to win her back, which hasn’t escaped the attention of Jack, who is of course both her boss and her lover.

Meanwhile, Maxine is getting desperate for drugs money and tries to steal Steph’s bag – but the mugging doesn’t quite go to plan, for either of them.

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