When Sonya doesn’t return home, Toadie’s worried. In Troy’s hotel room, he admits he isn’t on leave, he’s been discharged from the army for attacking another officer. Despite warnings and counselling he tells her he hasn’t changed and reminds Sonya that she is the same as him, one bet or one drink away from being the real her. Sonya tries to fight it but Troy messes with her head, telling her one day she’ll cave in and that Toadie won’t be there when she does.

Giving her an alcoholic drink, Troy tells Sonya he loves her for who she is and that she belongs to him. However, seeing the bracelet Toadie gave her on her arm, she fights back, telling Troy that Toadie knows everything there is to know about her and he still loves her. When Troy tells her she’s wrong, she tells him to never come near her and her family again.

Worried about Tash, Andrew checks out the nightclub that Ivan’s taking her to and when Lucas sees, he tells Andrew not to go there, it’s not a nice place. Andrew confronts Tash and she admits that no one at school wants anything to do with her, but Ivan and his friends think she’s fun and don’t judge her. She begs Andrew not to ruin things for her. However, when he tells Summer, she insists on telling Michael.

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