Troy provokes Toadie

Toadie and Sonya try to ignore Troy at the street party but when Callum turns up and Troy starts to pester him, the family head home. But Troy is persistent and follows them in and as Toadie tries to get him to leave he reveals that Sonya’s pregnant. Troy’s nasty remarks provoke Toadie, who punches him and though Troy leaves, Toadie realises this will have an impact on the legal case.

Later, two policemen turn up with an intervention order against Toadie – he has to leave the street immediately! Seeing Toadie packed and ready to leave is too much for Sonya and she collapses. Is the baby in danger?

Thrown by Kate’s proposition, Kyle insists he’s committed to Jade and seems angry that Kate has told him now. Has Kate ruined her friendship with Kyle?

And Lou’s first escort client, Dawn, turns up on the doorstep unannounced. She wants to attend the street barbecue and Lou has to turn on the English gentleman routine in front of the neighbours. Then, Dawn asks him to join her on a trip to England for which she’ll pay him enough to clear his debts. Can he afford to refuse her?