Troy takes Sonya and Jade prisoner

Sonya arrives at Troy’s house demanding to see Callum but Troy refuses, insisting he’s fine. Callum reassures her he’s helping Troy build a table, so she decides to wait in the street until he’s finished. Meanwhile, Jade is furious to learn that Toadie’s intervention order still stands and, though she tells Kyle she’s heading to the gym, she charges over to Troy’s place to confront him again.

Callum slips out to reassure his mother but, when Jade arrives, he runs back in the house again. Troy is annoyed he left but Jade suddenly bursts in with Sonya in tow, insisting Callum leaves. A furious Troy traps the sisters inside as Callum escapes and though Sonya tries to calm the situation, Troy starts picking on Jade, provoking her into punching him. They escape from the house but a pursuing Troy falls and hits his head.

Toadie arrives and, after talking to the sisters, heads over to Troy’s house, meeting Kyle on the way. They find Troy lying unconscious on the floor, a nasty gash on his head. Sonya calls an ambulance but when it arrives and Toadie takes the medics in, Troy has disappeared!