Troy wakes from his coma and demands to see Ajay – he wants to press charges against Sonya and Jade. However, Ajay has decided he doesn’t want to represent him again, so Troy has to reconsider his actions. Hoping to bring Callum round, he drops the intervention order and announces he won’t press charges but when Toadie visits him and announces nothing has changed, Troy checks out of hospital and packs his bags – he’s leaving town. Then he turns up at the school… he’s after Callum!

Summer believes the night she’s spent with Andrew is a sign they’re back together but Susan urges caution and suggests she talk to him to make sure they’re on the same page. But, when they do meet up, Summer is devastated to learn that Andrew has no plans to restart their relationship – their night together was just fun…

And when Troy reappears on the street, a brave Jade faces her tormentor and makes it clear he no longer has power over her. He’s lost.