Troy’s back in town

Toadie tells Troy that he’ll never be part of Callum’s life again but Troy tries to convince him that he’s a different man and produces the psychological evaluation paperwork to prove it. Rather than tell Sonya, who’s had a bad day, Toadie tries to deal with the situation himself, meeting Troy at his offices, but when Sonya eventually finds out, she bursts in telling Troy he’ll have nothing to do with her son. Troy seems to accept the situation but Toadie and Sonya are shocked when Troy hires Ajay as his lawyer to sue for access to Callum.

PR Zoe eventually agrees to brunch with Paul but she’s not falling for his seduction technique, wanting to keep things strictly professional. Later, however, Paul impresses her with his ideas to improve his status in the community and it seems that Zoe is starting to change her mind about him. Could this be the start of a new romance for Paul?