Troy’s in a coma

Both Sonya and Jade worry about Troy’s whereabouts, knowing how devious he can be but he turns up outside Lassiters, collapses and is taken to hospital. He’s brought in unconscious but briefly comes too and, before falling into a coma, tells Rhys that Jade and Sonya attacked him.

Rhys is now faced with a dilemma. Should he tell the police? When a cop arrives and directly asks him if Troy has said anything, Rhys lies and says no. Then he turns up at Sonya’s house and asks her and Jade to tell him exactly what happened. After explaining the events, Jade reveals that Troy was her abusive boyfriend and Rhys seems to understand.

Meanwhile, Vanessa is determined to do the neighbourly thing and cook for Sonya’s family, though Lucas is doubtful that it’s the right thing to do at the moment. Sonya is extremely grateful, however, and the family enjoy the hearty meal. Later, the police turn up at the house looking for Jade. They’ve received information that Jade assaulted Troy… and Jade confesses that she’d hit him. But how did the police find out?