Jacqui is furious when Trudy frames her for stealing mobile phones from work. Trudy takes pleasure in calling the police, while Jacqui dreads the thought of going back to prison. But when Trudy calls off the police, Jacqui realises she’s now in Trudy’s debt…

A fraught Darren decides to concoct an elaborate plan to secure his family’s future and goes to extreme measures to raise cash for the pub. He announces that he has decided to sell the Kanes’ house, but they refuse to budge – this is war! He knows all he needs is for them to breach their tenancy agreement to get chucked out, so with Ruby’s help, he posts an event on Facebook for a house party at the Kanes’!

Things heat up between John-Paul and Doug, who asks John Paul out on a date. It’s awkward when a desperate Leanne invites herself along and decides to sabotage their budding relationship.

Also, Ste and Brendan are trying to overcome all obstacles to take their relationship to the next level and it seems things have never been better, there’s even talk of marriage!