When Tom returns from a trip to the doctor about his depression, Lynette is concerned to hear he’s been given anti-anxiety drugs. He swears he needs them, but Lynette persuades him to go and see the holistic doctor that Susan once used for a more natural remedy. But she soon regrets her decision when Tom does as he’s told and returns from the holistic doctor’s with a big grin on his face, having found the answer to his problem – a prescription for medical marijuana! Lynette goes mad and swaps them for cooking herbs, then has a laugh when Tom acts stoned.

Meanwhile, the women invite their strange new neighbour Beth to their afternoon poker game and learn more about her life and how she got together with Paul.

Bree is gutted when she finds out her handyman has a girlfriend, especially as she now thinks a fling with him is just what she needs to get over her divorce! So to get over the disappointment, she agrees to go for a night out on the pull with new neighbour Rennee. When they get to the bar, Keith’s there, too, where Bree finds out he’s just been dumped. Unfortunately, Rennee gets her cougar claws into the poor guy first and takes him home with her. It doesn’t stop Bree, however, who comes up with an ingenious ‘vandalism’ plan to get him out of Rennee’s bed and into her house! It works a treat, but she makes a big enemy of Rennee…

Finally, Gaby sets about finding daughter Juanita’s real parents. When Carlos finds out he reads her the riot act. Is this the end of the marriage and will Juanita be taken off them?

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