After three films filled with yearning emotions and unfulfilled desires, lovestruck human-vampire couple Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) finally get married.

What follows, however, is far from wedded bliss, despite an idyllic honeymoon on a remote island. Bella quickly falls pregnant – but what exactly is the nature of the baby growing rapidly inside her and will she survive the birth?

With nothing much else to do but wait, Edward and his werewolf rival Jacob (Taylor Lautner) are largely left to sit around and look concerned, which proves less than gripping for the uncommitted viewer.

The birth scene itself is unnerving, however, and the closest the series has come to full-blooded horror, while a brief flurry of fur-‘n’-fangs action livens it up.

Part 2 is screening on Film4, Friday 1 June at 9.00pm.