Twin trouble and ruined romances

Twins Shona and Rhona are playing up in class – and it’s hardly surprising, since the pair are caught in a bitter custody battle between their young mum and the gran who raised them. When the court finally grants Sandi sole custody, desperate gran Bette (Margi Clarke) chains herself to the school railings in protest.

It’s a stunt that threatens to jeopardise the grand opening of Karen’s new community café – as does the fact that she’s put newcomer Daniel Chalk in charge of it. With the Director of Education set to attend the launch, there’s a lot riding on this. Can Chalky show some authority and pull it off?

Meanwhile, Vicki finally sees Aiden’s true colours when he refuses to tell Jess about them, even after Rob catches the pair together. Feeling guilt-ridden, Vicki breaks up with Ronan and tells Jess the truth herself, causing heartbreak all round.

And Rob’s estranged wife, Naomi, makes it clear to both Rob and Karen that she intends to win her man back. Looks like Karen’s new romance could be over before it’s begun…